• A multi-client report

    A market prospective of the fertilizers in Argentina

Argentina is the third most important Latin American market and is growing at the astonishing rate of 7 % annual. Find out what are the main driving forces behind, its constraint and drawbacks, the major players performance and other useful information.

  • This report provides an overview of the Argentine agricultural situation and fertilizer use by major regions and crops for 2005 and the short-term prospects for 2006.

  • The analysis of the 2005 includes firm performance, balance of demand and supply, and expectations for next 2006 based in the dependence of grain markets and other fundamentals. Anticipating quantitative impacts of animal pandemics (avian influenza, food-and-mouth disease) on meat markets and on local supply chain of fertilizers. Prospective of intensive regional crops on specialties in frame of local economics and export potentials.

  • Full of fertilizer statistics arranged by origin, importers and products. Demand arranged by crops and regions. Trends on main products showing changes and substitution relationships. Updated cropped area on intensive and regional crop.

  • Importations of main agrochemicals (herbicides, pesticides and fungicides) arranged by importers during 2005.

Some reasons you should buy this report

  • Entitled to 3 updates during 2006. In April, July and October, you will receive additional statistics on fertilizer importations and evolution of the agricultural markets.

  • English and Spanish optionally.

  • Value for money. Dependable and practical information, much of which is not available from any single source. No other source can provide you with the same depth of information on the local statistics for single products, imported or locally produced.

  • Company data section. Addresses, telecommunication and e mail details as well as the contact names of the companies listed in the report

  • For brokers, fertilizer manufacturer, grain traders and other involved in fertilizer or agriculture commodities

  • Accurate and reliable. Compiled by local experts in the field of fertilizers with 10 years of publishing experience.

  • Express delivery. All overseas orders are sent by DHL courier.

Please contact us to order your copy or getting more information about the report at: Contact info.   

The report, develops the following subjects:

  • Macroeconomic frame during 2005.

  • Analysis of the demand and supply.

  • Product importation by companies, ports of entrance and country of origin.

  • Exportation and National production.

  • Average prices of imports, wholesale and retailers.

  • Importation of agrochemicals.

  • Perspective for 2006.

The group writing the report is part of a network of specialists in Latin American fertilizer markets, associated to British Sulphur Publishing. The chapter of Argentina was prepared by: Dr Ricardo Melgar. Fertilizer specialist. PhD in Soil Sciences, (NCSU, 1989), Ms.Sc Agribusiness (Univ. Buenos Aires, 2005). Dr Reynaldo Muñoz. Agricultural economist (Univ. Viçosa, MG, Brazil, 1990). Lic. Evelyn Dorsch. Economist (UCA, MsSc). Ing. Bárbara Carpaneto (Univ. Mar del Plata, 2003).

The cost of the report is of US$ 250, and in addition to attention of specific request, update and advance will be forwarded every quarter during 2006.



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